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She often brings her sister's family home to eat



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She often brings her sister's family home to eat

My boyfriend has a close relationship with his sister and the money he earns is in his sister’s account. In the six or seven years of my feelings, I felt nothing wrong with these things. In June and July my love was considered to be embarrassing. But every quarrel has to say to his sister that we go to his sister's house almost every week for dinner. versace sunglasses replica He only said that what I said to me was not to say nothing about his own mistakes. Maybe he didn't think he was wrong at all. Do not mention the wounded words that hurt people themselves. He is very considerate of her sister's family and she has worked hard.

She often brings her sister's family home to eat. We meet each other every week to eat. He has no choice but to face this one. What did he think in the end? Where am I in his heart? I do not want to go. A: A man who earns money in his sister's account. replica versace sunglasses Why did you quit your job with him? He will not buy you an airline ticket, and will not pay you to make up for the difference in wages. You have turned from a remote service to a door-to-door service. He is still troubled with adding more chopsticks. What is your position? You have an answer in your heart. Love is not counted as working age, and good feelings can be determined in six or seven days. Bad feelings will be difficult to achieve in six or seven years. People who have long-distance love, either have social barriers or procrastination.

For example, your boyfriend, who has never been separated from the original family independent life, from parents to sister, he only has a sense of security for his family, if not forbidden by law, he would feel the perfect marriage with her sister. Can such a man find a girlfriend around her? Enough, he is equal to his family. Some families in China are very closed. They rely on family and blood, and foreigners are very repellent. The performance is as follows: 1. The family members do everything right. If an outsider is not obedient to his family, he is the fault of an outsider.http://www.imbirvideo.ru/ Protect the family's property and prevent outsiders from dividing. The above two points do not change due to the marriage relationship.

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