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It is a womb with your own salary



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It is a womb with your own salary

Even if a child is born, only the kinship person can share it. So you see that some people marry into the giants are also equal to bare marriage, his family will not give her any property, the house car only has the right to use, unless the lord is dying, before handing over his power to his son and grandson. fake versace sunglasses And your boyfriend saved money to his sister's name, but also blood love is higher than love, even if the sister embezzled and misappropriated, he also feels better than his girlfriend spent. You talk about marriage with such a man.

It is a womb with your own salary. You will not have the right to speak in your family and will not be respected. They make any decision without asking for your opinion. If you express disagreement, it is that you will not be integrated into the big family and will be isolated and left out. The small family you want, and the rights of couples, will be treated as not filial piety. No way, their entire family has brainwashed themselves, and they are highly unified. You do not receive brainwashing. Only you get out. When do you have status? Until the birth of a child and a woman, replica dior sunglasses and become a pillar of the economy, can make a lot of money to give his family spend, and give up their own native family, the day of total loyalty to their husbands. You travelled from Beijing to Shenzhen from afar, thinking that seeking a boyfriend is fulfilling love. According to his family, it is only the first step in brainwashing. Can you give up for us?

So he did not touch your sacrifices. Rather, he asked you to follow his family tradition and unconditionally accept everything. If you do not have the consciousness of joining a MLM organization and do not accept spiritual control, your feelings will be lost in the six or seven years and there is cheap versace sunglasses no room for redress. Think carefully and fear it. You talked about love in a different place, gave up the pursuers around you, missed many chances of being rescued, wanted to end your escape, and you had to peel off your skin.

However, you realize that this is a horror family still have time, do not feel bad for the time taken. Taking the opportunity to visit relatives on long visits to flee back to Beijing to find a job again, he no longer feels guilty about how he mobilizes you. He has not paid for you for years. He has not accompanied you, but has used your emotional dependence to make you hypnotize.

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