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I feel that I am a failure and I cannot



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Zajrzało tutaj już 42 osób

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I feel that I am a failure and I cannot

Surgery, you do not wake up and it is not far from being abused. I think you analyze the matter makes sense. I am no shortage of suitors at the age of 29 this year. He is 42 years old. He is not as tall or handsome as he is not so rich. I was with him versace sunglasses replica for a year and a half. I didn't know it. He was divorced and had a real age. He gradually learned and accepted it. He never stopped dating a woman for a year and a half, dating, opening a house, and smelling perfume. I endure myself. When I date, I know something.

He always thought that I was asking for it myself. In fact, people who know such a big circle are almost the same. He doesn't let me tell anyone that he is my boyfriend. I didn't say anything. Now that he said it is inappropriate to separate, I can't replica versace sunglasses accept it. He hit me twice. He went on a date again and I lost with him. I feel cheated. I feel shameful and I cannot end it. I am uncomfortable, he still dates. My spirit is a bit abnormal and I want to die.

I want to kill him. I feel that I am a failure and I cannot swallow it. Seek A: When a Japanese writer, Watanabe Watanabe, studied women and this thing, he said: The stronger women also have a scapegoat. Their strength is also their weakness. The strength of a woman lies in the hormonal system that can induce physical changes. Therefore, once the disorder occurs in the hormonal system, women will fall into chaos, and their behavior will immediately dior sunglasses replica become incoherent and unstructured. The women who are happy with both men and women keep them away from sex. Women who begin to enjoy themselves can only get close to them but they do not get them.

Women who have not tasted the love of both sexes give them strong sexual stimulation. Having been so hard hit, women will immediately reveal their fragile side. The so-called love field masters and scum men are just trying to play cards. For example, mad pursuit of a woman, when she comes to see her, she takes it upon herself; let a woman fall in love and then promiscuity. They use certain means to make women “emotionally”

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